The Government of the United Kingdom has decided to “delay” elections in Northern Ireland. The benevolent goverment of Tony Blair, who loves to talk about bringing democracy to the people of Iraq, etc… apparently isn’t interested in implementing democracy in the terroritory that is controlled by his military, much closer to home. What an embarassment for the people of the UK, as well as its allies in the quest for world liberation, as it turns out.. democracy is only good when they decide it’s time for democracy. Prior to that, as is the case in Northern Ireland, you’re required to endure a military occupation and legal persecution.

Fear not people of Northern Ireland… you are members of the EU! And the European Court of Human Rights has the authority and the power to give Downing Street a good slap in the face and grant you the justice you’ve suffered for.. for so long. Hold the criminals accountable… take the British government to court! Become your own liberators, stand up to this new brand of fascism.