So the Republican National Convention 2004 is to be held at MSG in NEW YORK CITY! Once again the party, rallying around their crown prince, show the nation as well as the world that they truely have no respect whatsoever for the people of New York City and the sanctity of that city since that awful tragedy. Once again they use New York to score “political points” and play upon sensitive emotions for their own agenda.

This is an injustice.. an embarassment to democracy.

Republicans, Democrats, and basically every citizen should demand that this decision be reversed. Their first target should be non-smoker extrodinaire Mike Bloomberg, who literally spends his days figuring out new ways to fight smoking… which is a really cute way for a mayor to pass his time. As apposed to balancing a budget, addressing serious education problems, etc. But Mike isnt the only problem.. the Republican National Committee, the New York State Senate, and the US Congress should all be pressured to help stop this convention from taking place.

New York City is off limits to political parties seeking to “galvanize” the hearts and minds of New Yorkers and Americans scarred by the terrorist attacks. Nor republicans or any other party should be able to have their convention there. Shame on the Republican party. People must mobilize before New York City is once again exploited!