The Bush Administration, in the name of the United States, filed a lawsuit with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the European Union regarding Genetically Modified Food. Bush administration officials, as well as senators, assert that Europe’s refusal to import American Genetically Modified Foods is damaging to American farmers who want access to the important European market. They go on to insist that GMF “represents the difference between life and death in developing countries.”

Of course, this assertion is completely false when considering that the problem of hunger around the world is not because there is not enough food, but rather because of war, poverty, economics, corruption and mis-management. Furthermore these law-makers and politicians completely ignore the inconclusive and incomplete knowledge of the long-term effects of GMF.

Meanwhile the real forces singing the praises of GMF’s are not representatives of Non-Governmental organizations, nor representatives of third world countries, but instead.. it is the major drug companies like Monsanto and the senators that receive huge sums of money from such companies who insist GMF benefits everyone.

Of course, their court case has been brought before the WTO, an organization who’s members are not elected and not accountable to citizens of any country. An organization who’s rulings supercede any nation’s laws regardless of the law or country.

Obviously the motive is clear.. shove genetically modified food down the throats of the rest of the world, quickly, before anyone (or any government) can notice.