Growing up… you’re taught.. in virtually every society around the world: violence is not the answer. Violence does not solve problems. And this is a universal teaching, violence is not an acceptable method of problem solving.

Yet in the past two weeks, the children of America, and the world, have learned a huge lesson. They’ve learned that violence is a way to solve problems. That it is ok, sometimes, to hurt others if you have good intentions. What a crazy time it must be to be a child.

I think of the school shootings and all the violence is schools, over the past decade, people tried so hard to discover the source of this violence.. they blamed music, videogames, satan, and the favorite – parents. Yet what do they learn now, when they swtich on the TV. What are the leaders of the country telling them… what are their parents doing, marching off to the gulf? They’re teaching them…. that violence is acceptable. That when there is a problem and you can’t find a solution, hurting, killing, bombing, destroying… it is all acceptable.

How difficult it must be to be a parent and have to explain this situation. How difficult it will be to work in a school after such lessons have been taught. How confusing it is to be a child in such an ironic and backwards world.