India played Pakistan in cricket. Many may not care for sport or for cricket, which is certainly an obscure but imporant sport nonetheless. What is of significance of this happenning? The Indian government normally doesn’t allow their team to play Pakistan, all part of their “Sworn enemy” policy towards the nation they have all their nuclear missles pointed at. And of course, it should be mentioned that Pakistan has nuclear missles point at India. And if that wasn’t sick enough, since the countries share a border, any detonation of a nuclear bomb would kill Indians and Pakistani’s… nevermind the nuclear winter that would occur if multiple missles were fired.

But back to the game… it was a most significant event. Before the match began, the team captains exchanged ties as a sign of friendship. In this case, politicians in both countries should learn how to play their political games just as the cricket players handle their games… Vajpaye and Musharaff need to exchange ties, before anymore lives are lost and before they destroy the entire earth.

I truely good use of the UN’s time and resources would be to oblige those countries to disarm.. but alas.. only weak countries receive inspectors.