Shhhh…. Listen… Can you hear it? Can you hear that sound? The machine… the war machine… its been steaming forward for quite awhile now… but theres a sound… somethings coming loose! Can you hear it; the creaking, shaking, screaching sound… The sound that an important cog has come loose. Its Tony Blair… Its the United Kingdom.. the number one ally.. the “international” in the phrase “international coalition” that Bush likes to use… they’re coming loose from the war machine. Why? Because the UK is not the US. Because Tony Blair actually has to answer to the public and moreover, his own party. And that very party has the power to destroy him… to take him out of this place to which they put him. Fact is, the US can be as cowboyish as they want, the Bush administration is still riding their blank check that started back on 9/11… though it’s wearing thin. Blair cannot. Blair needs the UN and most of all, he needs to sell the Iraq war to an entire country that is not buying. Beyond not buying his story, if he acts without the US he could likely find himself without a job… Labour is not united for war… Labour is asking why… Labour is getting ticked off because their people are demanding truth and justice, not aggression and bullshit. So as the US war-machine keeps chugging along, running over everything in it’s path: international law, the UN, NATO, the Iraqi people, Europe, the Middle East… it’s chewing up everything in its path like some insatiable monster. Trouble is… something is coming loose… do you hear it? Are you watching as this chunk of international armor rots and breaks off…. as the war machine goes into a tailspin?