Florida was bombed this week. On monday… a bomb was dropped on Florida. It wasn’t just any bomb… it was a 15,000 ton bomb.. the largest of its kind. In Florida… dropped… exploded.. in the USA. Who did it? Was it Al Qaeda? – No. Was it Iraq with some hidden super-plane getting revenge on the US? – No. Was it Palestinain suicide bombers? -No. Who bombed Florida? The United States Air Force.. with full knowledge of the government. They call this bomb the MOAB. “Mother of all bombs” Why pollute the beautiful and nature state of motherhood by relating it to war? They bombed Florida to see what they had developed… how much damage, what kind of mushroom cloud, and what kind of pyschological damage does it inflict?

Imagine Iraq tested a bomb called FOAB.. the Father of all Bombs… what would the world say? They would be harassed and attacked for being war-mongers and evil. But if the US government does it… “it’s just a test.”

While inspectors are combing Iraq in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction.. the US spits on diplomacy and the goal of peace by testing their own weapons of mass destruction. Are we sure the inspectors are in the right country?