Patasse is out, Bozize is in… so it goes in the Central African Republic. Home to less then 4 million people, in a country about the size of the state of Texas, political stability has not been one of its stronger points. Yet the current situation is a puzzling one: According to the rebels, led by Bozize, this was a counter coup for peace. This because Patasse was originally put in place with the force of Congolese military that had entered into the country in order to install the leader they supported. However this week, it was Bozize and the “Central African military” that took control of the airport, radio station, and then government buildings, scaring the Congolese troops into retreat, accross the river and back into Congo. The coup-leader calls his a movement for peace and reconciliation, to make up for years of curruption and despotism. Yet Patasse was elected and re-elected in the late 90’s? Were the elections fair? Who is the despot here? Maybe both. Radio France International’s reports spoke of CAR citizens running down the street with furniture and clothes taken from embassies and government buildings, one woman was quoted “This is compensation for pay they’ve owed me for more than six months!” At least maybe some Central Africans, long manipulated and mistreated, can finally have their “compensation.”