The Security Counsel must do the following:

1 – Introduce a resolution condeming the US/UK for announcing the intention to wage war, which is a clear act of aggression.

2 – When the US vetos this resolution, Security Counsel is at a stalemate and therefore the General Assembly can be convened

3 – The General Assembly will convene and pass binding resolutions to stop the war

4 – In this situation they have the right to impose sanctions or send UN peacekeepers to Iraq to stop the pending attack.

YES! It is their duty… deploy UN peacekeepers to stand between the US and Iraq, the US wouldn’t dare attack, because they’d be attacking the international community!

All government representatives that have gone silent, instead of expressing their disagreement with this war, are accessories to murder and should be voted out!

Supporting your troops is a government invented slogan in order to play on the citizen’s fear for the well-being of their military. If war starts, watch as the opposition disappears out of fear of “not supporting the troops.” Instant elimination of political dissent… Franco would have been jealous of such skillful repression.