It’s a tired feeling. A feeling like you’ve been holding together a dam… with your two arms… and if you let go.. you’ll be knocked over as the water rushes over you. Many have let go. Many are tired of resisting. They’ve given in.. they’ve accepted. Some have even changed hats. At some point.. it is so tempting to just sit down, stop talking, and accept. Accept everything. I think it would look something like this:

We’ve finally attacked Iraq. We’re really doing great… few casualties, moving quickly. Iraqi military is afraid and surrendering. Baghdad is being bombed in such an unbelievably intense way… but not the people of Baghdad.. just Saddam’s places and his government’s places. The oil wells havent been sabotaged… that’s good, so that the poor people can make money from selling oil later on. The US/UK are going to take the country soon. They’ll kill Saddam.. he’s a horrible guy who has done horrible things and deserves death. Then they’ll set up a good government, made up of good people, and the people will be totally free. The economy will start up… rebuilding will take place.. Iraqi’s will be so happy and Iraq will be a wonderous place… and the US will be safer because it got rid of Saddam.

So… does this make you feel good? It’s nice to feel good… to feel right, like you’re part of something positive. Trouble is… life is not so clean-cut.. and politics certainly is not.. nevermind war. Buildings dont just blow up… armies dont just advance…. theres so much more to all this. It’s beyond imagination… war… we haven’t a clue what it’s like. Watching is not experiencing.. certainly not through the eyes of a magic glowing tv.

Have you looked up in the sky lately? Have you woken up in the middle of the night… to the sound of air-raid sirens… the crying sound that tells you certain death is near. Have you hid yourself in your basement lately… with some canned food, water.. and maybe a book to pass the time… the days… the weeks… the months… you can never tell. Sure… dictatorships are cruel.. awful.. a crime…. war is different…

But nevermind all that. This is the right thing to do. Things will get better. This needed to be done. It’s all for the best. Isn’t it???