Somewhere in the headlines today there was this report: “500 Iraqi’s fiercely fighting back against 5,000 Marines”….. 5,000 marines…. with the best equipment money can buy.. with all the training and moral high-ground…. against Iraqi’s that are probably using circa 1970’s kalishnakovs and Toyota trucks as their “armoured” transport. This is a war? NO.. this is an exercise… an exercise in domination and subjugation. A few nations asserting their superiority over smaller nations that have been semi-disarmed, starved and bombed into the stone age. Not war, by any means.

Elsewhere is the headlines…. Prisoners of War! Wierd thing, you never hear what happens to the Iraqi prisoners taken. But man, those American soldiers.. you never hear the end of it! Rumsfeld… or Rommel as he’d prefer to be known….. He was on some mainstream media show reciting his usual “hooray for war” speech.. when he was shown the POW footage. His immediate response was extremely interesting… he said “That’s a total violation of the Geneva Convention.” VIOLATION OF THE GENEVA CONVENTION!!!! Indeed. This is the same man who is responsible for the illegal holding of 600 hundred odd muslim alleged terrorists who have never been charged with a crime and are held in Guantanamo… he says Geneva doesnt apply to them. Well Rommel, you really pick and choose when the rules apply, don’t you?

A slightly smaller headline, equally as telling, Dan Rather… was giving his evening disinformation news, and he refferred to the possibility that iraqi military might set fire to oil wells…. to this possibility he added, ” Of course, we want to try and discourage them from setting fire to the oil wells since we’re going to own the country soon…” THIS IS WHAT HE SAID!! We’re going to own the country! This is the “defender or the public”, the noble “media” that informs people. Well.. he did his job.. he told the truth… the US, if things go its way, will own Iraq.. and its oil wells. Nice job Dan.. you told the truth.