The following was discussed by Michael Moore at River Side Church in Brooklyn and can be heard at … it is the second half of Democracy Now!

Watching the reports on the news… you just keep hearing it over and over…. “This is so-and-so… embedded with the 3rd Marine expeditionary force, reporting for CNN”, “This is joe blow embedded with the 1st infantry…” I’m embedded…. embedded… embedded… inbedded… inbed…. inbed…. I’m in bed with the military… IN BED WITH THE MILITARY! — and that’s basically what you have.. reporters in bed with military. Even the BBC.. a somewhat balanced news source (based on social science research on news coverage) … there was an embedded (READ-IN BEDDED) reporter with the British Army… he looked on as tanks moved forward.. he called it “A beautiful and breathtaking sight….” These are the reports that are supposed to inform the public what’s happenning in the middle east? Beautiful? That’s his job? To cheer on the military? But this is what we have… reporters who get to ride in HumVees and become like children.. can’t you just hear them shouting “WEEEEEEEEEE” as the hang on tight while being driven around by the marines?

Think this is harmless? Who’s job is it to report the truth? Who’s job is it to seek out information that is not readily available…. to question… to evaluate… to criticize… ? Certainly not the military! And definately not the government!