Neo-colonialism can take many forms. Normally, it’s capitalist style.. with a Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nike or Phillips flag instead of a national flag. However sometimes, neo-colonialism looks like traditional colonialism, for example: FRANCE AND Cote D’Ivoire.

Admittedly, these two nations have or had a special relationship. And yes, France in many cases, has worked to aid and assist democracy and developement that nation. However what does not fall under this category is ARMED OCCUPATION! And furthermore an armed occupation that takes sides! Which side is France on? Why big French business of course! How many Euros are being lost in multi-nationals because of this “civil war”. Nevermind the people who are caught in the middle… this is business! And who’s leading the way? The corporatist conservatives Raffarin, Villepen and even Chi-Chi himself. While it is horrible that government and rebels can’t agree to a peace accord, it is also quite horrible the way the French government has orchestrated this like their own school play. Meanwhile hate, xenophobia, and violence, grow in Cote D’Ivoire. Where’s the UN and the US led international community now? Oh yeah, this part of the world isn’t “a vital U$ interest”.