“1,2,3,4 WE DON’T WANT YOUR OIL WAR!” … how many different languages can you imagine that being said, it one single day, in every corner of the globe? Never before… never has the world seen an excess of 10 million stand up, march, sing, dance, speak, draw, debate and perform their beliefs that this plan for War in Iraq is unjust, immoral, illegal, and wrong… amongst the countless other reasons. February 15th, 2003 will always be remembered and referred to, for the stark message the people of the world sent their governments and the government of the United States, “We live in this world too, We don’t support your war, We Will Stand Up Against Your Muscle and Manipulation!” And stand they did: Amsterdam 70 thousand, Brussels 50 thousand, Paris 150 thousand, Berlin almost 500 thousand, Rome 600 thousand plus, Madrid 750 thousand, Lisbon 60 thousand, Cape Town 10 thousand, Tokyo 25 thousand, Ottowa 10 thousand plus, London 1 MILLION!, and perhaps the most significant and most telling, NYC 500 thousand! And they thought Americans were just going to sit home and watch war on TV! This day is one that the people of the world can be proud of, showing that it’s not just “You’re with us or against us” but it is about international law and human rights!