Joe Lieberman wants to be president. Joe Lieberman claims to be liberal. He makes Reagan seem progressive. His hobbies include blaming Maralyn Manson, Hollywood, and Rap Music for all the problems of American youth. Somehow he remains senator from Connecticut. I worry about Connecticut. Apprently it’s a bunch of conservatives with a guilt complex… so they vote Joe L. The democratic party is in ruins, they have barely an ideology, and with the death of Paul Wellstone (a true human being) they have no more progressive “liberals” left in their ranks. They are, as the conservatives like to spout, “lost.” But clearly, it could be worse… and it may get worse.. Joe Lieberman might get the nomination! I definately think he deserves to run for president, but he’d be much more comfortable with all his real friends who like war, money, and a musicless world… the BUSH BOYS! Vote for a good republican, vote Lieberman!