There’s something wonderful happenning in Brasil. Something wonderfully simple. Something unheard of in the world. A government based on heart. This government’s number one program – FOME ZERO… Translation from Portuguese to English: HUNGER ZERO. Meaning – this government intends to irradicate hunger in a country that is home to the richest people in latin america… that is.. the wealthiest one percent. While an unimaginable number go hungry daily and live in utter poverty. This government’s leader LULA! Everyday theres a news story of his cabinet. His minister of education, a university professor who is sick of the elitist and inaccessable higher ed system. The minister of environment, an native of the amazon.. the first ever black woman in government in Brasil… receiver of countless international awards from international aid organizations. Minister of culture: Samba-pop star Gilberto Gil! The other ministers are a collection of individuals who as Lula said, he chose for their “heart” not for their “connections.”

Critics will say “Itll never work.” or “He’ll ruin the country”. But really, you can’t break whats already broken. And when famine is one of your biggest national problems… your country is definately not working.

Sure it won’t be easy. Sure they’ll be problems. There may even be scandles. Many want to destroy this most wonderful and unparalleled project. But whatever may come, there can be no doubt, it’s the first government in Brazil and throughout the western hemisphere, to ever govern from the “heart” instead of from the stock-exchange!