Colin Powell: the alleged “brains” of the Bush coup. As the months go on, and the count down to the restoration of some sort of democracy in the US approaches (when the people vote them out!), Powell sounds less and less like a free-thinker and more and more like a Bush clone. Which is ironic since Bush has such a fear of cloning.

Here are some quotes by the good General from the rich-people’s summit @ Davos, Switzerland:

He starts off with the now typical: “When we feel strongly about something, we will lead, we will act, even if others are not prepared to join us,”

Of course, he faced harsh criticisms from those crazy Europeans and their lack of will to bomb and kill, to which he responded:

`How much more time does Iraq need to answer these questions?’ ” Mr. Powell said. “Saddam should tell the truth, tell the truth now.” – Strange thing, a representative of this administration, talking about telling the truth. We’re still waiting for the truth about those energy meetings that were kept secret… and Enron! Powell should tell the truth now!

Some other statements from the military man:

“I don’t think I have anything to be ashamed of, or apologize for, with respect to what America has done for the world,”

Interesting… how noble.

“We’ve put wonderful young men and women at risk, many of whom have lost their lives,” he said, his voice growing hoarse. “We’ve asked for nothing but enough land to bury them in.”

One has to wonder, why is he burying wonderful men and women?

Here’s another classic vague one from Davos:

“I think the evidence is there, the evidence is clear,” Mr. Powell replied. He added there was also a “clear link” between the Iraqi regime and terrorist groups, including the Qaeda network.

No specifics… nice job. This sounds similar to the old, if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you. For a man who’s so certain, why not tell us? Oh, military secrets…. that’s right… what happened to “tell the truth now?”

Mr. Powell said the United States was “sensitive to the plight of the Iraqi people, not only in case of conflict but also right now.” It makes you wonder what the holidays are like at the Powell mansion, he calls starvation and isolation SENSITIVE!!!

Colin Powell, future presidential candidate. It’s like Bush with half a brain. There may be no earth left when he’s finished.