Tomorrow, december 5th, A New York City Appeals court will exonerate the two boys convicted of rape in the central park jogger case which is now more than a decade old. It is another testament to mob rule and justice by the barrell of a gun. These boys, one hispanic and one black, were coerced into confessing that they commited the rape. It was captured on video and those were the years of people wanting to crack down on crime in NYC… and of course their most likely culprits, black and latino kids. Who would defend them? Who would believe some reckless kids? Who cares about them?

As it turns out…. a convicted rapist came forward and admitted he commited the rape and he acted alone. DNA tests confirmed that the semen on the joggers socks belonged to the man. No one ever found matching DNA with the kids, but that didn’t seem to matter. It never does when you have mob rule.

So no harm no foul right… honest mistake? Wrong… years have been stolen from these boys… who are now men. Who will give them their adolesence back? Instead of school and friends they only knew prison bars. And why? Because NYC’s elites needed a scapegoat… they needed to put a face to their fears. I wonder how much has changed since then?

I condolences to the rape victim, who has to relive this horror, and to two children…. men… who lost much of their lives…. good luck in the precious future.