11,000 pages! 11,000 pages…. basically telling the world about their entire weapons/chemical/bio programme! Thats what Iraq produced! Bush admin. is so quick to say “Well…. we’ll see” because basically they never intended these requirements to actually be met. They expected Iraq to just get annoyed… at some really excessive and intrusive requirements to avoid war. BUT THEY DID IT YESTERDAY! How many countries, acturate or not, would do such a thing? Certainly not the UK or the US…. all that info is “TOP SECRET”.

Also yesterday, Iraq apologized for the invasion of Kuwait back in ’91. Now its true, apologies don’t bring loved ones back. But its rather ironic…. or just wierd…. just last week the US military ran over a little girl with a tank in S-Korea….. Bush apologized. This was supposed to be the “good thing to do”… apologize. Strange how they can apologize, but no one else can.