In the past two months American tanks have killed civilians in Korea and Kuwait. Today, a French Journalist for TF1 died after being hit by a tank while doing a story on the possible military action in Iraq. Conflicting reports say he suddenly got in the way, he was trying to get a better shot, etc etc. All in an attempt to play down the fact that the American Military have killed yet another person with a tank. And never have they been found guitly of their recklessness and murder. Regardless of what the journalist may or may not have done, the fact is he was on foot. He was not dressed in camoflage, he was not crouching down and hiding… he was standing there… doing a news story, in plain site. How and Why was he able to be in a accident situation like that? If its so dangerous, why are reporters allowed to be so close? Ultimately its the military serviceman who is driving the tank, and they are supposed to be professionals… professionals don’t hit civilians with tanks. A fair trial is warranted here and an apology. Though even that won’t compensate for the life of a journalist and human being.