For my take on the US and ISraeli political futures, see my blog from three days ago. (ps… this is a blog.. what youre reading)

Today some attention will be given to the politics of Latin America…. commonly known as… the American sandbox… where US business frolic and seek profit. Something wonderous has been happenning in Latin America… and it should be kept quite quiet or else the CIA may start assasinations again….

THE LACKIES ARE BEING VOTED OUT! You heard right… all the US boot lickers are getting the boot… and in their places the people are electing independent, critical, and grassroots leaders of the “left”. Course, left is a relative term… as left as you can get when youre up to your eyelids in globalization and foreign debt…. But nonetheless, its quite a site to see… its quite pleasant to listen to…. the whining and complaining from rich american and latin-a businessmen who are shaking in their armani’s that their industries are going back into the hands of the public… or that their profit is going to disappear… can you hear them? Oooh theyre scared.

Lets count them shall we…. its so fun… Well… theres Chavez in Venezuela…. rough around the edges and frequently drawing protests; there’s (i believe) Lagos in Chile… a mildmannered socialist, first one since Allende got couped out by the CIA; In Equador theres that military guy…. loved by the common folk.. hes going to win…. In Brasil we have the sweetest of all – LULA! Working class all the way… no matter what they say… its only a matter of time before Argentina joins em… cause lets face it… where did all that libralization privatization get them….. poor and hungry! Why is this happenning? Cause people are tired of being shit on by big business.. and thats whats been happenning for far too long! The only drawback is that these elected officials may not have the power or the will to really fix the situation. STILL — ITs SWEET TO WATCH!

(please note Colombia doesnt count… its an American colony under military rule) (Peru is still getting over being mugged by their pres. so they dont count either… and Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia…. I didnt have time to research)