Silent Chechen War

The pretend battle for congessional control is over. And little has changed. Little would have changed anyway.

The situation in Chechnia is awful. In last weeks “Courrier International” they printed the conversations between the journalist, who was negociating for the Russians, and the Chechen rebel leader. It was so sad. These men knew they were going to die. They wanted the war to end… Russian military to leave Chechnia….. But Russia is so bent on making war that they would never do it… they preferred to kill innocent hostages.

There was a comic in the Moscow Gazzeta (the name sounds like that)… it shows the Theater where the hostages were being held, and all the military outside with guns pointed…. a Russian man is walking by and looks distracted and says…. “War in Chechnia…. theres no war in Chechnya”…. there you have it. The biggest problem of all.