ESF Italy

450,000 thousand people. That’s alot of people! Thats about half a million. Thats many many football stadiums put together. Over this past weekend, thats how many people marched through the streets of Florence, Italy for the first ever European Social Forum. A forum where people from any corner of the world, including europeans, could come and exchange ideas and strategies for combatting those organizations like the WTO, WEF, and the IMF who are not accountable to anyone and adopt plans that effect the lives of everyone. The conference lasted 5 days during which students, activists, and regular people from every continent participated in forums on subjects like political campaigns, sustainable development, environmental education, and organizing. It should also be mentioned that there were no major incidents of violence. No major injuries. No police attacked. No major property damage.

Here’s the big question: Was this Forum reported about in your major media? Did it make the evening news? Was it on the front page or the second page of the big newspaper? No? 450,000 people….. thats not enough to be seen as important?

Oh, but did you hear?…. they wanted to kidnap Posh Spice (something like that)… that made lots of newspapers.