Who’s the Warmonger?

Last night, dicussing Iraq-US over dinner, a friend who studies international relations suddenly exclaims, “The man agrees to the inspectors! He agrees to everything they wrote! Now they’ll go into his presidential palaces and if his bed isn’t made correctly, they’ll bomb!”

He couldn’t have been more right. The word warmonger becomes more and more correct to describe not Saddam… but the administration occupying (illegally since they weren’t elected) the white house.

– They wanted to bomb if he didn’t allow inspectors back in, in September he says he will allow them!

– They don’t accept his answer, they say he lies and they will bomb him if he’s lying

– they demand a new resolution, filled with all sorts of humiliating and barely legal terms, and it gets approved, if Saddam doesn’t like it – they’ll bomb him!

– He accepts the resolution! All of it! The white house response: He’s a liar, we’re getting ready to attack!

Once again… it’s difficult to see who’s a threat to the world… then again.. maybe it has become obvious. The only one who actually has all the weapons that can destroy the world 5 times over.