Galician Oil Spill

Twice the size of the Exxon Valdez! All over the northern and Western Coast of Spain… mainly IN GALICIA… OIL is WASHING UP! Birds and wildlife and liming around onshore… covered in black sludge! How many times does this have to happen? They fight terrorism, drugs, crime…. all things having to do with violence. A violence that is far more a threat to the world… environmental.. is ignored! WHY? Because it’s profitable! Because your world leaders are involved in the oil business. The Sheiks… the Royals.. the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT… they all receive money from or OWN oil companies. Yet its not in the new york times right now. No… it’ll appear later in small print… “LArgest Oil Spill Ever” will instead be reduced to “Oil Tanker has a little Spill” and it’ll be a cute story that we can read over breakfast before we get in our SUV’S and go to work where we use one sheet of paper for each word we write.

They’re sending a probe over to Venus…. hmmm.