International Oil Crime

There were no words, listening to the BBC this evening, to describe the horror. How many thousands of barrells of oil? The ship has split in two? The ship has sunk to the bottom of the ocean? Black waves crashing the Galician coast? Birds and shellfish unable to perform basic survival functions?

This is truely terror. And it’s barely news in some places. Some British expert tried to explain on BBC worldservice, that we really don’t know if its “a disaster”…. right… not a disaster sir.. we can categorize it as just a… mistake… or.. a boo boo. That man should have oil poured over his head and then be forced to drink it for every meal he has. His house and family should be covered in it. Would that qualify as a “personal disaster” then?

The owner of this ship… the oil company.. they should all stand trial in front of the International Criminal Court. The charge: CRIMES AGAINST THE EARTH AND ITS PEOPLE!