A 52 year old British UN worker was killed by the Israeli military last friday. He was inside a clearly marked UN building. He was working on a 20 million+ dollar project to rebuild the Jenin refugee camp which the Israeli “Defence” Force demolished in their anti-terrorism campaign last spring. According to the IDF, the soldiers mistook his celullar phone for a grenade. Shot him dead… According to more IDF statments, there were militants inside the compound. How did they know? They didn’t. It’s an easy excuse… “Oh.. he knew a terrorist…. Oh we thought he was going to set off a bomb” the Israeli military is free to do whatever they want and encouraged to kill whomever they can, this is a clear illustration of that fact. The UN has rejected the statenments by the IDF, saying there were absolutely no militants in the building.

If any other country did such a thing… killing a UN worker.. they would be slapped with sactions, they would be condemned, and if the US had any say in it.. they would be invaded! SO.. where are all the cries for justice? OH wait… its Israel… number one ally of the United States…. I guess it was just an accident.

The international community should demand nothing less than SANCTIONS! An apology! A Full investigation! And a TRIAL! For the soldiers and their superiors!