“It means that terror organizations and the regimes behind them are able to arm themselves with weapons which can cause mass casualties anywhere and everywhere,” Netanyahu said. “Today, they’re firing the missiles at Israeli planes, tomorrow they’ll fire missiles at American planes, British planes, every country’s aircraft. Therefore, there can be no compromise with terror.”

This is the empty and devious comment by Israeli foreign minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the attacks in Kenya against Israeli tourists. Notice how at first, he states the obvious…. terrorism is international… WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH! Then he points out that they can hurt alot of people.. again.. true genious. Then, notice how he cleverly ties in two important supporters on the so-called “war on terrorism”, tomorrow it could be americans or brits…. notice he didnt say Brazilians or Chinese…. no.. his goal was to specifically remind the two allies that they must spend more money on arresting and bombing impoverished people, and to give more $$ and military equip. to Israel. A truely scarey man. As this is written, he is trying to seem more to the right than the granddaddy of right-wing Ariel Sharon.

The only ray of hope is Labor’s Amram Mitzna… a man interested in peace and not stupid hardline military violence that has so far led to… lets see… oh.. a much more stable Israel indeed.