There is much to speak about regarding S-Korea, N-Korea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Equador…. but let the focus first stay with Iraq. Beyond just speaking about Iraq, what really needs to be spoken about is the American mainstream media’s state-run pro-war campaign.

There is fundamentally no difference between the behavior of the press in China and the United States of America. The only difference is one is state sponsored censorship and the other is self-censorship…. either way the news you receive ignores facts that could change public perception of a conflict.

For every sentence about Iraq in the Washington Post there is a cynical editorialized sentence. A writer will say “Iraq has fully coorperated with UN inspectors” and then there’ll be a comma “, for now.” As if this reporter knows the future, they throw in their opinion that war is eminent. Heres that example… the writer is Rajiv Chandrasekaran who has a “military matters” column:

HEADLINE: Inspectors Get Red Carpet in Iraq — So Far

The headline alone says it all. This is a pro-war journalist… and shouldn’t be read as objective or even balanced in his reporting. Essentially he works for the American military, for free.

FACT: Bush wants war.

FACT: Iraq is coorperating in the inspections in an enthusiastic manner

FACT: EVERY AMERICAN MEDIA OUTLET is already talking about war as if it’s a reality.