Nobel Prizes…. so much fun.

This year’s Nobel prize for Lit goes to: Imre Kert?sz, a Hungarian.

You may now proceed to the nearest bookstore and buy his books… you cant bet theyre on display. No but all commercialization aside… his books should be quite wonderful. Those Swedes know how to choose’em.

So now is a good time to predict the Nobel Peace Prize winner. So let’s see… it has to be someone that has made huge contributions towards establishing peace in some region….. so.. where has a conflict ended? Not many places… Angola.. but that wasn’t a nice ending.. they killed the rebel leader. Kosovo? Maybe. There have been lots of negotiations between Ethopia-Eritrea…. Sudan civil war factions…. hmm.

The bicyclemark peace prize for this year goes to: Jimmy Carter… for his Cuba visit. Save the criticisms… he deserves one of these peace prizes.

Otherwise…. this year world leaders have been quite war-like and typically two-faced… so they deserve no prizes.

And now for the bicyclemark war prize… for the leader who has killed the most people this year: Ladies and Gentlemen…. we have a tie! The prize will be shared… the three winners are Vladimir Putin for his performance in “Flatten Chechnya”, George W. Bush for his production of “Execute, Bomb, and Pollute till you Drop” and of course Arial Sharon for his thrilling performance in “West Bank Go Boom”

Honorable mentions: Joseph Kabilla… for being his father’s son. Laurent Gbagbo.. for turning a nice country into a hell-hole. Jiang Zhemin… for being his usual charming self. Pervez Musharaff for wearing the same uniform during his 3 years of coup, and Prince Whatever of S. Arabia… for chopping off peoples hands.

whew… tough selection… better luck next year.

Congratulations to all winners.

That link is to a stupid yet true article. Israel now has a “missle defense system” which beyond its hollywood name.. simply means they got a system of radars and missles and hope that if something gets launched their way they might stop it. But calling it missle defense makes it sound so efficient and safe. BULLSHIT!

It gets worse. All this… it gets worse. Its manufactured by military contractors in the US and Israel… with the US fitting most of the bill. What this means is… not only have they built this… but they want to sell more $$$ This New York Times article ats more like a marketing strategy by saying “Israel becomes the first country to have a national missle defense” As if to say “THERE WILL BE OTHERS” SO much for proactive, investigative and critical journalism….

So obviously the best way to sell these boys…. is to have war. So… one more huge push for war in the middle east… HOW ELSE CAN WE TEST DRIVE OUR MISSILES.

Once again.. this brings shame the entire human race… because these are, somehow, human doing these awful and idiotic things.

Whenever there is a crisis in Europe – BAM Here comes the US and Europe with troops, and equipment, money, and newscrews. You never hear the end of it. They even stay and police the country while in the Hague they hold a war crimes tribunal to find out who is guilty and who is not. Its a real example of 21st century international intervention – when you see a horrible situation, go in, and stabalize it.

This is also an example of first world racism.

When thousands upon thousands in Rwanda were being butchered, the UN sent a little plane filled with bureaucrats, who left as quickly is they came. When Palestinians and Jews kill each other and the entire region is one giant war crime, they never think to send their troops, equipment, money, …. maybe the newscrews. When Cote D’Ivoire…. formerly the French Club Med of the 80’s, is about to break into civil war… again… no troops no intervention…. coincidence? Nah… just good ol’fashion racism. (OH, sorry… France sent some legionaires into the country to “evacuate the French citizens”… how kind of them to not interrupt the civil war that their multinational companies benefit from.