It’s that time again when BM makes some predictions…. and man, we certainly have some changes on the horizon.

BEST BET: The government of Israel is about to fall. All this means is, elections are going to be called. The Workers party resigned from the “United Front” or whatever pathetic name they gave themselves… this means “Big Poppa” Sharon will have to call elections…. and Israel changes its leaders almost as often as.. well… something that changes often. The question is – beyond will the government fall… who will come to power? This part is wishful thinking more than a prediction: The Left will return…. a center-left.. but the left nonetheless…. Shimon Peres might be the next PM… and this is good news for those who like peace and open-mindedness. At least it should be.

Lesser Bet: Midterm Elections: I predict nothing will change… so much so that the Dems might gain all of one seat. Mondale will win…. Lautenberg will win… if theres any justice in the world Elizabeth Dole will lose and NEVER return to politics. Either way the true winners are the citizens of the Carolinas who will no longer be able to vote for Helms or Thurmond who’s combined age is about 200, and who still think slavery might make a comeback. Good riddens to bad rubbish. Now if we could only teach those bizarre voters HOW to vote.

Place your bets now… elections are next week.

[B] Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, died today in a plane crash [/B] I’ve long been a critic of democrats and republicans alike, especially anyone involved in congress. But I must say that I’m shocked and saddened to see this happen. Wellstone is a good man… never have his politics been about starting war or harming others. He’s always been a true humanitarian… and to hear of this accident is so horrible. Somethings I learned about the senator today:

Born July 21, 1944, in Washington, to Jewish immigrants from Russia,

Mr. Wellstone was considered perhaps even more liberal than Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts

chairman of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign in 1984.

For his doctoral dissertation, Mr. Wellstone wrote on “Black Militants in the Ghetto: Why They Believe in Violence.”

[B]Mr. Wellstone was the only Democrat in a close contest to oppose the resolution giving President Bush the authority to invade Iraq.[/B]

Furthermore.. though I’m sure its taboo to say.. I say this plane crash is suspicious! THATS RIGHT! Somethings up… the man was in an extremely tight Senate race and the winner could determine who controls congress and therefore if W’s agenda will pass without any problems. All I’m saying is that this better be investigated… because its fishy. And a head of state who has executed the innocent, bombed the hungry, and robbed the poor is capable of most anything. Again… an investigation is definately warranted….. Farewell Paul Wellstone.. the nation needed many more like you.

This will be a personal story… but its about people and the politics of identity.

Today, someone who I respect a great deal though I havent known them long, turned to me and said… “Really mark, you’re American…. right? I mean….. You’re American…”

So I naturally responded… “YES…. and I’m Portuguese” … a response that is quite automatic from me… people automatically assume by my perfect northeastern American english that I’m American. But they know little as to where Im from and what my past involves.

So the conversation continues…. he says to my comment about being Portuguese… “Yeah… but… YOu’re American… I mean… even in Portugal… (something to that effect) ” I responded, slightly bored – “Yes… and I’m Portuguese in America… I know about both cultures because both are mine.. I can talk politics, art, geography, history… family… as both a Portuguese person and an American.”

The conversation faded to something else after that… but I could help but be disappointed in this person and in general. This is not the first time or the last that I get the “But mark… you’re american” It’s disappointing that people feel the need to put me in a little box… so that they can categorize me and feel they understand all. You see… YOU CAN’T PUT ME IN A LITTLE BOX THAT SAYS “This kind of thing” BECAUSE I REFUSE TO FIT IN YOUR BOX! ITs true that I judge people sometimes.. and thats sad. But honestly, If I ever felt this need to put everyone in this box.. Im not sure how I’d go on in this life. Why do people get intimidated by my identity? It’s my dam identity! If you think its rare or impossible of false…. I have to wonder why you’re so worried about me… after all, I’m the one who has to live with this identity… and might I add… I quite enjoy who I am. I’m a very versitile and dynamic person… I hope and do my best to increase that.

I guess I should just relax… people just worry about my identity…. maybe I should be flattered.

The Washington Post…. what a show. Good news reporting… sometimes. Sensational patriotic us vs. them articles… most of the time.

By all means… don’t take bm’s world for it…. go read washington’s paper of record:

Reading the post this morning… one can learn: At the pentagon they are ahead of schedule on repairing the building, more curious than that, THERE IS A CLOCK THAT COUNTS THE MONTHS< DAYS< Hours etc... since the terrorist attacks. Is this the type of clock they should have? Can't they have one that just tells the time? How long will they play the national anthem and make empty declarations like "we're healing the nation"... Sorry Mr. Construction worker... you're not helping find people jobs (well there he might), you're not improving a ancient education system, you're not cleaning up polluted rivers, you're not giving health insurance to millions... you're fixing a broken government building which was attacked in a very traumatic manner. Fix the building... spare us the poetry.
Other things the Post can teach you today: They give an interactive map on how the “SNIPER” has stalked his victims. How charming… soon they’ll create a videogame and include a free subscription to the paper if you buy it.

The saddest thing in the post…. somewhere in there.. you’ll find a “Preparedness Guide” … prepared for what you may ask? – For chemical, biological, etc attacks! YES ITS TRUE… the post recommends that you follow strict instructions on being prepared for attacks using: Sarin, VX, Mustard, and a plethera of gasses which incedentally they include the fact that most of those were developed or produced in the United States. (strange but true)

So… go out and get your “Apacalypse Fun Pack”….

Oh and of course… no reason to be nervous…. the nations Homeland Security Office is on the job.. Mr. Tom Ridge is insuring that your fun pack is just a precaution… so sleep easy…. GO SHOPPING!

Amazing what one can learn reading the Washington Post.

The following “Democrats” voted in favor of the INSANE measure that would give GW Bush the power to carry out a war on Iraq whenever he feels its time! This list should be used as a guide for all those people out there who think when they vote with the democrats they are getting an open-minded, liberal, anti-violence, socially conscious candidate. What I mean is… these democrats are frauds! Don’t ever vote for them again…. here they are

In the Senate:

Baucus, Mont.; Bayh, Ind.; Biden, Del.; Breaux, La.; Cantwell, Wash.; Carnahan, Mo.; Carper, Del.; Cleland, Ga.; Clinton, N.Y.; Daschle, S.D.; Dodd, Conn.; Dorgan, N.D.; Edwards, N.C.; Feinstein, Calif.; Harkin, Iowa; Hollings, S.C.; Johnson, S.D.; Kerry, Mass.; Kohl, Wis.; Landrieu, La.; Lieberman, Conn.; Lincoln, Ark.; Miller, Ga.; Nelson, Fla.; Nelson, Neb.; Reid, Nev.; Rockefeller, W.Va.; Schumer, N.Y.; Torricelli, N.J.

In the House: follow this link

81 house dems voted in favor of giving Bush the power to start a war…. that 81 democrats that should never be trusted again! They are liars! Never vote for them!

Amongst the allstars: Democrats — Andrews, Y; Holt, N; Menendez, N; Pallone, N; Pascrell, Y; Payne, N; Rothman, Y.

BOYCOTT FAKE Democrats who lied to you!