That link is to a stupid yet true article. Israel now has a “missle defense system” which beyond its hollywood name.. simply means they got a system of radars and missles and hope that if something gets launched their way they might stop it. But calling it missle defense makes it sound so efficient and safe. BULLSHIT!

It gets worse. All this… it gets worse. Its manufactured by military contractors in the US and Israel… with the US fitting most of the bill. What this means is… not only have they built this… but they want to sell more $$$ This New York Times article ats more like a marketing strategy by saying “Israel becomes the first country to have a national missle defense” As if to say “THERE WILL BE OTHERS” SO much for proactive, investigative and critical journalism….

So obviously the best way to sell these boys…. is to have war. So… one more huge push for war in the middle east… HOW ELSE CAN WE TEST DRIVE OUR MISSILES.

Once again.. this brings shame the entire human race… because these are, somehow, human doing these awful and idiotic things.