THE SITUATION IN RAMALLAH in THE WEST BANK is SHAMEFUL!!! Whats more, the worlds attention has shifted to MTV or Iraq phoney-war, so few take notice as an elected autonomous government, THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY, has been attacked in their own headquarters (again) by the ISraeli Defense Force. (ironic title) The pretense: There was a suicide bombing in Israel.

Blaming Yassir Arafat everytime theres a suicide bombing, is the equivalent of the WHITE HOUSE being attacked everytime an American commits an act of murder. IT MQKES NO SENSE, AND HAS NO LEGAL GROUNDS! Its also terroristic and a violation of human rights.

Meanwhile the government of Ivory Coast claims to have killed the leader of the military coup last year. Hooray for democracy and human rights. My dear Ivory Coast… my deepest sympathies.

Its raining in Belguim.