When you can’t talk about something because others tell you its not right. That’s where fascism begins. The US government is breeding fascism, and it’s taking root.

If you’re offended already, then you’re a victim of that very fascistic system, because autoomatically you think such a thing shouldn’t be discussed. But if it were truely democractic and open-minded, then we would able to sit and compare the US, or the US government to any point in history ever.

An inaccurate quote, “He is using the pretext of war to distract his citizens from the bad situation on the domestic front, Hitler used the same strategy.” This is roughly what the German Minister of Justice said. I WOULD AND WILL REPEAT THIS STATEMENT. The problem is not the statement. The problem is that it can’t be made, because forces on both sides of the Atlantic will say, like Canoleeza Rice, “How can you compare Hitler in the same sentence as the President of the United States.” Apparently at Georgetown, Rice never learned about academic or historical analysis. She only learned how to be patriotic and talk about things that make everyone feel safe. The pres of the united states is just a man. Matter of fact, he’s a very low quality man when it comes to knowledge, public speaking, and solving conflicts. Regardless, there is no reason why comparisons can’t be made between the strategies of Bush, Hitler, Geroge Washington, Stalin, Mother Teresa, Mao TseTung or Ghandi. They were all people and they had certain strategies in their lives, just as the pres does. Anyone who says, “You can’t say that” and proceeds to threaten or censor you, as the American Government has, is fascist and furthermore, a danger to free-thinking and democracy everywhere. Because, when it comes down to it, thats what it was supposed to be all about… open and diverse debate amongst citizens.