Language Habits

I like when people travel to somewhere and then when they write you, they greet you in that language… as if to say … “look at me” or “haha look where i am, Ive lost the ability to greet you in English”.

That being said, BONJOUR! Goed Dag (something like that, who knows Flemmish anyway)

Brussels has aged two years since last we were together. She looks older, more mature, maybe a little acne here and there. But nonetheless, she so hot! Not temp. wise… but stuff wise…. I walk down the street like a tourist.. head whissing around left and right. Why? Cause of all the cool nooks and crannies.. the little shops… love’em.

Belguim has always resembled new york in many spots… maybe thats related to the american archetects thats designed the place after the war… architects with little imagination and lots of money.

Amsterdam… shes just north of here… I can feel her waiting for me. Either that or its that soup my cousin made. Yum.

Never carry 50 Kilos of luggage.. its inexcusable, embarrassing, and why would anyone need fifty kilos of stuff? Thats a life rule fro, now on… Im going to weigh all my stuff on a monthly basis… anything over 30 kilos goes to the trash of those in need:

Hooray for the low countries!