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bm138 CocaCola and Human Rights Violations Worldwide

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To call it a soda company would be an understatement.… Read Full Text

bm137 Leipzig to Berlin, Xenophobia in the Soccer Context

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It would be interesting to know how many of the super-crazy-soccer fans watching at home or there in the stadiums, are the same people who vote for politicians and policies that close the doors to immigrants and make the process of immigration excessively difficult.… Read Full Text

bmtv11 Berlin Intellectual Football Viewing

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While in Berlin, Tim invited me to see Germany play…. from a former bath house in a very cool area. It was a very unique and truely Berlin experience.

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Angola, Iran… and Poof Its Over.

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I’ve been slow to post because life in Berlin was like a vacuum of time. No matter what time it was, I was supposed to be going somewhere to see something or someone.

Not that I’m complaining; it so happens that I have some of the finest friends a guy could have waiting for me in Berlin whenever I’m up for a visit. They’re so influencial, I now have a new city I might one day like to live in.… Read Full Text