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Lake Como Is Down There

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Well Well.

Unexpected turn of events, I took an offer to stay over here high above Lake Como, or some Lake that might be Como. I think this town is called Lecco.

I’d like to enter into a “how fast can you learn italian” marathon, I bet it would take me 2 weeks, nonstop studying, and Id be fluent. Than my french and spanish would be ruined, and my Portuguese would be jealous.… Read Full Text

bm165 High Demands of the Western World

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This being a family weekend in Brussels, I sat down to better explain what it is that is so troubling about the way we measure success in elections.… Read Full Text

BM Will Travel to VlogEuropa

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I tend to poo-poo conferences. Let’s be real; no matter what the topic and how noble the mission, the world is full of conferences with bullshit topics where obscene amounts of money are spent in order to talk about a problem for which we will have to hold another conference to continue the discussion- repeat process for a few years, run out of money or interest and move on to another catchy titled conference.… Read Full Text