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bmtv48 Miccosukee Land Co-Op Visit Part II

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Second part of my 2 part vlog from my visit to the Miccosukee Land Co-Op. With my guide and friend, Dave Bightbill of RadioMacGuys.Read Full Text

Nuclear Juntas

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Can’t quite finish the vlog I’m working on tonight so instead I wanted to bring up Burma. Or Myanmar, same difference.

What strikes me as odd and worthy of attention about Burma is that over the past 6 years they’ve managed to come in completely below the diplomatic and global media radar. Besides the international sanctions applied years ago, rarely does any politician in any country make a concerned speech about a country ruled by a bunch of military thugs.… Read Full Text

Greetings from the Lost City of NOLA

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Just arrived. Circled the town via automobile. Checked into chez lil’Robin who is just a fantastic person. She’s probably reading this too.. so I’ll withhold all other compliments.

Lots of meetings set up for tomorrow with some interesting projects. NOLA bloggers have not been the most responsive bunch, but I still hope to get some of the great personal publishers of this town to sit town and tell me what has happened and how.… Read Full Text