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In 2010 I embarked on a one month journey to Siberia and Mongolia. During that time I taught new media at the University of Tomsk, and then traveled in the region, eventually getting on the Trans-Siberian and later the Trans-Mongolian express. These are the audio and video podcasts, as well my written entries from that journey.

ctrp337 Touring the Ger District

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During my brief time in UlaanBaatar, I was recommended a contact person, Susan Griffeth, who had founded an organization working in the Ger (Yurt) district almost 10 years ago. … Read Full Text

ctrp336 Political Persecution and Mongolian History

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Within ten minutes of sitting down at a table together, Bekhbat and I immediately were immersed in a conversation about Mongolian history.… Read Full Text

To the Ger District

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I’m running late for my next appointment, and as I rush out of the Grand Khan Irish pub, I look across the sea of cars around Sukhbaatar square, and I cover my mouth with my scarf to try and filter the Coal and Carbon Monoxide filled air.  The guide books say UlaanBaatar in winter has some of the worst air quality of any capital city in the world, yet somehow I’ve decided breathing through a scarf will make it all alright.… Read Full Text

bmtv111 The Trans-Mongolian Journey

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The following is a video montage of my journey from Irkutsk, Russia to UlaanBaatar, Mongolia aboard the Moscow to Beijing Train. It also includes a few clips from my first day in the city of UlaanBaatar.  For more video entries, including many that didn’t appear on this blog, from my Siberian journey, follow this link to my videos.

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