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Humans Arise from Amsterdam Caves

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Although my mind is on my journey to New Orleans, which is just one week away, it is impossible to ignore Amsterdam these days.

Yes, the city I call my wife is in bloom. I guess we skipped winter this year, because our first string of sunny and cool days is here, and it seems any human that can move on something or be moved in something is out on the town.… Read Full Text

From Zagreb with Love

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Dear Zagreb, capital of Croatia,

I write you this letter yet I’ve barely known you for more than 12 hours. Yet the moment I met you there’s been a certain connection.

I couldn’t believe how far apart your buildings were, nor how big the houses are. But then Tom explained that we were near the airport and everything was different out there.

Still I sat in the back of the car and kept looking left and right at you… wide avenues, giant housing projects who’s lack of paint creates a depressive beauty.… Read Full Text