ctrp417 Moving Closer to Ethical Mobile Phones

MP3 Audio [37 MB]DownloadShow URL In the summer of 2011 we learned of the fairphone mission; to make the world’s first ethically responsible mobile phone. We spoke about the challenges, the steps, the people and places in the world that would be involved. Now, many months later, we revisit fairphone to get an update and […]

ctrp398 Making Change by Moving Your Money

MP3 Audio [23 MB]DownloadShow URL Bank Transfer Day was this past weekend. Even now, people around the world are looking at their bank account thinking, maybe I dont want my money with these guys. What are the alternatives? Many will say “all banks are the same” as a way of justifying not doing anything. But […]

ctrp392 New Approaches and Proven Methods for Rural Life

MP3 Audio [26 MB]DownloadShow URL The goal to live life on their terms took Ryanne and Jay from New York City to San Francisco and eventually to Western Virginia.  It is here that this dynamic couple set out to build their own home, grow some of their own food, work on their terms, and generally […]