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From Thailand and Cambodia

In the spring of 2008 I arrived in Bangkok as part of a project related to sustainable development. I also took the time to visit alternative media and those who work on different types of sustainable projects. I then went on to Cambodia where I spent a week running around Phnom Penh interviewing people doing interesting work.

bm268 Teenagers and HIV-AIDS in Thailand

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An interview recorded in Bangkok with an HIV-AIDS organization that works with children and teenagers.… Read Full Text

bm267 Empowering Cambodian Children with Friends International

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Friends International is a very unique organization doing some very revolutionary work in an often overlooked part of the world with the most overlooked people on this planet- street children.… Read Full Text

bm266 Finding Cambodia’s Lost Culture

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Bophana is an organization based in Phnom Penh, dedicated to finding and archiving video, audio, and text documentation of Cambodian culture. … Read Full Text