No President is Sacred

Last month there was a big to-do in South Africa over an art piece by Brett Murray, depicting president Jacob Zuma posing in a Lenin-style look to the future along with his penis being clearly visible. ¬†Protesters have called it everything from disrespectful to racist, culminating in one enraged person attacking the artwork, damaging it, […]

They Renamed Pretoria

The plane ride from Amsterdam to Vienna is more of hop than a flight. You’re up, you get a drink and a snack, you look out the window – you’re there.¬† Yet even in that short time, I found myself engaged in a thought provoking conversation last week on the plane, with a young South […]

The F Word

Remind me to visit the staff of Radio Netherlands and buy everyone at The State We’re In a drink. Week in and week out the crew produces excellent audio programs on topics related to human rights and human wrongs. In their latest program they hit yet another homerun with a segment that just reached out […]