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Shame on Jan

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Greetings once again from Brussels, city of long work hours and dreary office work.

Today’s item that has me pretty disappointed involves the Dutch government and the iron fisted oligarch that runs Russia. They’ve struck a deal so that the Dutch gas company now controls a higher percent in the Russian state controlled Gaz-Prom.

PutinSome might say its just business as usual, but after all the outcries about how the junta oppresses people in Burma or how Mugabe is starving his own people, it still bothers me that so-called human rights respecting governments make deals and allow their companies to make deals with known war criminals and political assassins.… Read Full Text

I remember Anna

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One year later, remembering Anna Politkovskaya.

A journalist amongst journalists. Human amongst humans.

Never forgetting the importance of journalists and reporters who are willing to speak up, speak out, and stay citical no matter what.

Never forgetting that she was murdered with the help of a corrupt government, who have murdered and oppressed in the name of profits and power.


I hope to one day be 1/10th of the kind of journalist she was.Read Full Text

bm223 The Arctic Melt Rush

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The media has reported on the recent rush by various countries to gain access to more territory in the arctic.… Read Full Text