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Fresh Wounds

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“It is hard to speak without any emotion about a conflict when you live it,” a great new friend and journalist explains to me as we drive across busy Tbilisi on a Friday night.  “I can talk about Kosovo, Iraq, without getting emotional, but this… its so complicated and has such an impact on my life,” he struggles to find the words to explain why the long standing conflict between Russia and Georgia, especially the 2008 war, is so hard to address and explain without getting angry or frustrated.… Read Full Text

ctrp335 At the Russia-Mongolia Border

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A short podcast from the Russia-Mongolia border.… Read Full Text

ctrp334 New Media in Tomsk

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When you wander around the streets of Tomsk in Siberia, you may think the place looks a little behind the times.… Read Full Text

ctrp333 Walking into Seversk

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SeverskMy good friend Ilya calls it “A piece of the Soviet Union on the territory of Modern Russia”: its what people say about the town of Seversk, Russia. … Read Full Text