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ctrp318 Beaten and Arrested, Videobloggers in Azerbaijan

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Emin and Adnan were having dinner in downtown restaurant in Baku over the summer, when suddenly the two video bloggers were attacked, later wound up in jail, and they remain behind bars today awaiting trial for the charge of “hooliganism”.… Read Full Text

bmtv31 Long and Boring, Yet Important

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A vlog from a man in his bathrobe at four in the afternoon. My two topics of earth shattering importance: 1- The vlogger foundation. Or something like that, which is an idea I need help developing. 2- socially conscious ad network links: evilvlog insanefilms Drinking Mochas Makes my Kidneys Feel BetterRead Full Text

Flew Past The Big Apple

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I’m just in off the KLM flight from Amsterdam. Badly in need of sleep, and what better place to sleep then the bed which I basically grew up sleeping on, not including the new-er mattress.

Before I head off to jet-lag-sleep-land, I wanted to mention something I noticed as the tanks rolled through Bangkok earlier this week: Josh Wolf, the very active citizen journalist, who you may have heard on Democracy Now last week, is heading back to jail.… Read Full Text