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ctrp397 Voices from Occupy Amsterdam

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Occupy Amsterdam has just entered into its 3rd week.… Read Full Text

Don’t Just Take a Picture

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Occupy Amsterdam is officially one week old. Occupy Wall Street is now over a month old. Around the world masses of people occupy their public spaces to discuss and demand big changes in how governments and business have been conducting themselves for the last few decades.  Many do what they have always done: watch it on TV, read about it in the press, discredit the idea of taking action on such a broad scale.  … Read Full Text

Your OccupyAmsterdam Moment of Zen

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Two minutes captured during a General Assembly meeting on Monday the 17th of October.

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Not Yet A Report from OccupyAmsterdam

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Occupy Amsterdam General Assembly Meeting

I’m reluctant to write anything yet about the #occupy movement, specifically my local occupy Amsterdam.  On the one hand it seems like everyone has already heard about the actions nearest to where they live, in the US, Europe, Asia, South America…. all over the world.   Which makes me think perhaps all the minds have already been made up. One role I don’t want to have when it comes to “occupy” is the one where I try to convince people of something and they try to argue counterpoints against me.  … Read Full Text