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The Stifling of Dissent and the Legacy of Occupy

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photo by Occupy Global / flickr

The use of the law to keep people from protesting and assembling did not start with the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011.  … Read Full Text

ctrp399 Madge, Live in Paris

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MAdgeMadge Weinstein is an internet celebrity, a culinary pioneer, and an extremely irritable elderly lesbian.… Read Full Text

ctrp397 Voices from Occupy Amsterdam

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Occupy Amsterdam has just entered into its 3rd week.… Read Full Text

Don’t Just Take a Picture

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Occupy Amsterdam is officially one week old. Occupy Wall Street is now over a month old. Around the world masses of people occupy their public spaces to discuss and demand big changes in how governments and business have been conducting themselves for the last few decades.  Many do what they have always done: watch it on TV, read about it in the press, discredit the idea of taking action on such a broad scale.  … Read Full Text