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bm196 Legal Issues and Jail Conditions in NOLA

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It has been said in post Katrina discussions, that you can’t sue the Army Corps.… Read Full Text

bmtv44 On New Orleans Prison

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Since its Videoblogging week, no better time to go back to New Orleans. This entry is from my second day, where I talk about the conditions at the city lockup.… Read Full Text

bm195 Fighting for the Wetlands

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These days, you won’t often find the mainstream media talking about the rebuilding process in and around new olreans.… Read Full Text

Stealing Houses In NOLA

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It was probably my second day in New Orleans and I decided to go visit the common ground legal clinic. I had heard they were providing free legal advice and a mini computer lab for local residents who want to get informed about their rights and perhaps how to manage property issues that have emerged after Katrina. After some nice emailing with one of the spokespeople… I figured going there would be an interesting experience.… Read Full Text