bm218 Remembering Search and Rescue in New Orleans

MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL I recently gave a talk at the Chaos Communication Camp on the subject of New Orleans and the Federal Flood; a mix of my observations and research combined with all that I’ve learned from the many excellent NOLA bloggers. After the talk Rob Savoye walked up to me with lots […]

bm208 Blogging New Orleans til the Very End

MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL He knows the city will flood again, and is fully aware of all the corruption and neglect that goes on in New Orleans. But the American Zombie says there is no where else in the world he would rather be, than living in New Orleans, and exposing the bastards, up […]

bm203 Door to Door in New Orleans

MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL In an effort to shed more light on the situation that people are living in New Orleans today, this program focuses on the survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation. By going door to door in some of New Orleans hardest hit parishes, they found out what issues and problems […]

bm197 Pumps, Funds, and NOLA Bloggers

MP3 Audio [23 MB]DownloadShow URL While I may have spent alot of time and energy going to New Orleans and getting into contact with organizations and volunteers to better understand the situation there, some of the best resources are right here on the internets. I’m speaking of the New Orleans bloggers, those keen observers and […]